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Are you looking to grow beyond the everyday life of a veterinarian? Looking to really grow yourself into the best leader you can be? CityVet Leadership Academy is a great place to start. Our exclusive development program doesn’t just focus on the medical side of the business, but allows candidates to sharpen their leadership skills so that they can not only keep pets healthy, but also make customers and staff happy.

Our curriculum has been developed by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Kline in partnership with Crucial Learning, a top 20 leadership training company. With more than 15 different courses over three development areas, our program grows vets into leaders, and leaders into owners.

At CityVet we are passionate about creating leaders out of anyone that has the drive. I completed a similar curriculum early in my career and believe in the value our Leadership Academy brings to the CityVet family.

David Boguslawski, CEO

CityVet Academy focuses on three paths of
DVM Professional Development:


  • Customer Service
  • Consultative Sales Skills
  • Clinical Review: Exams
  • Procedures
  • Understanding A/R


  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Time Management


  • Performance Management
  • Motivation and Behavioral Change
  • Client-Centric Scheduling
  • FInancial Reporting and Terminology
  • Payroll and Overtime Control
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Writing & Delivering Reviews
  • Inventory Management

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If you’re a well-established doctor looking to start a clinic with CityVet, our de novo partnership can help you build a place to serve pets and their parents from the ground up. If you’re not ready for ownership we have a place for you too!

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