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our support.

Get up to $100,000 signing bonus to own your future with CityVet.

CityVet was founded by a veterinarian, for veterinarians, anchoring our belief in each location being vet-led and owned. Here you will have the autonomy in medicine, authority in ownership, and be backed by a team of industry experts in human resources, recruitment, marketing, IT, and accounting.

We have your back.
Join a team that supports you and how you practice medicine. CityVet has backed more than 25 DVMs in successfully opening their first practice. With attractive financing options and more than one home office support FTE for each clinic, we will do everything in our power to help you be successful.

“I always knew I wanted my own clinic to help pets live long and healthy lives and serve people through pet care. The partnership with CityVet has given me that and so much more.”

-Dr. Derek Johnson, CityVet-South Hulen

Partner/Owner Veterinarian

You will own your practice, build personal wealth, and have a team behind you to be successful. Create your dream practice built from the ground up.

With financing options and a $100,000 signing bonus for ownership–having your own practice is within reach. 


Expand your skills beyond the exam room and help grow the next generation of Veterinarians, all while learning the entrepreneurial and leadership side of Veterinary Medicine at your own pace.

Share in the profits of a brand-new hospital, and earn up to a $50,000 signing bonus.


Associate Veterinarian

Hone your clinical skills while being mentored and developed in the areas of professional competency in which you have a passion to grow.

Associates can earn a lucrative signing bonus, and refinancing options for student debt.

Your medicine, our support.

Whether you join as the founding partner of one of our brand new locations or begin your career journey with CityVet, we strive to triple your expectations, just like with Dr. Meladee Farr.

“It’s been really good to have that depth of support so that I can first and foremost be a doctor and then say I need help with x, y, or z” -Dr. Farr

No matter your journey, every step of the way you’ll experience an unparalleled culture of fun, family, and freedom to be your best.

Build Wealth & Equity

Enjoy the benefits of a prosal compensation structure with a base salary, no negative accruals, plus earn up to 28% on your clinic’s production with live, transparent calculations. As well as regular pro-rata distributions of profits and potentially life-changing equity income.

Grow Personally & Professionally

Access customized development and mentorship programs through CityVet Academy with courses focused on clinical, interpersonal, and leadership development. Lead DVMs receive an additional management stipend on top of the CE allowance.

Find Your Balance

Reset and recharge on your terms with four weeks of PTO to start, employee assistance and mental wellness initiatives, and flexible work schedules. We also provide you with CE allowance to keep you up-to-date on the latest advancements in medicine. 

Plan for the Future

Rest assured with industry-leading benefits such as comprehensive healthcare, company-paid life insurance and long-term disability, plus a 4% 401K match.

Best of both corporate & independent

Get the autonomy of private with the support of a large group.

Big Box


Freedom to make all clinical decisions
Mentorship & leadership development
Skilled technology & home office support
Financing options with limited risk
Relief from administrative work (H.R., I.T., finance, marketing, recruiting)
Build equity & create life-changing income

Unlimited potential, from earning and partnership.

Earn more than the average DVM

We provide a progressive comp model that has no limit (and no pressure). Your potential is based on you and how much you want to earn. You’ll have full transparency and real-time information about where you stand financially, with coaching to help you get where you want to be.

Become a true partner

When we say we give you ‘ownership’ of your work, we mean it. At CityVet you can develop into a partner role where you truly have equity in your practice and unlimited earning potential. We’ll be with you every step of the way, so that you can focus on being a veterinarian and not shoulder all the risk and responsibility on your own. We’ll set you up in that role, and provide mentorship and support to guide you into being a business owner.

A loyal culture genuinely built around you.

Veterinary work is both demanding and incredibly rewarding, and at CityVet you’ll never have to do it alone. You’ll be surrounded by a close-knit group who work hard, and have a lot of fun along the way. Our veterinarians can ask for the things they need without fear, because we cultivate an environment where you feel truly supported. Whether it’s from someone picking up the slack when you need it, or just checking in to make sure you’re okay. 

Be part of a network of talented veterinarians who build off one another. CityVet uses a unique approach that ensures the relationships you make are valuable and work for you, so go ahead, do your best work and be your best self.

Learn what and the way you want.

Whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned vet, we have development options to suit all phases of a veterinarian’s career. We learn your needs and expectations to make individualized paths that best guide you toward where you want to grow and what you want to do. 

Built around a mentorship model, we have an unparalleled team and structure to help you learn and develop. We round out in-person learning with our CityVet Academy where you can develop and improve special skillsets based on your goals.

CityVet Academy

This exclusive program allows candidates to sharpen their leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills in addition to their medical knowledge, so that they can drive a successful practice alongside their medicine.

Our curriculum has been developed by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Kline in partnership with Crucial Learning – a top 20 leadership training company. With more than fifteen different courses over three development areas, our program grows vets into leaders, and leaders into owners.

Continuing education:

When we say we let you drive your own medicine, it means in your continuing education too. This is because in addition to CityVet providing CE events and funding your hours, you get to determine the ‘how’, ‘where’, and ‘what’ of your CE.

Gain your confidence through mentorship

Our New Grad Mentorship Program is designed to help give you confidence in your clinical skills and knowledge. With guidance that is provided in a one-to-one setting with one of our highly trained veterinarians.

New Graduate

Focus on your transition from student to expert with a team dedicated to guiding YOU in acquiring best-in-class practice standards and build your confidence. We will reinforce your learning through ample mentorship, support and case options.

Want to learn more?

If you’re a well-established doctor looking to start a clinic with CityVet, our de novo partnership can help you build a place to serve pets and their parents from the ground up. If you’re not ready for ownership we have a place for you too!

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