CityVet Stories

Dr. Ellen Tunnel

Q: When did you join CityVet? What was your role, and what is your position now? 

A: I was hired on December 9, 2009 as an animal care assistant. Then, I trained as a vet tech. In 2013, I was accepted to veterinary school at Texas A&M. I became an associate veterinarian on June 1, 2017.

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Dr. Lauren Mauritzen

"Joining CityVet was the best decision I made for my career and family. I started as an associate and later became a partner veterinarian. With support from CityVet, I was able to focus on being a doctor and my team. They helped by handling IT, HR, and marketing, and taught me the business basics needed for running a successful practice. My success with CityVet enabled me to retire early to focus on my family."

Angela Riley, Regional Operations Manager

Q: What keeps you at CityVet?

A: I believe in the CityVet vision: I am surrounded by people working together towards the common goal of helping both clients and team members to take better care of pets. Even when I go home exhausted, I'm going home fulfilled. 

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Dr. Austin Neely

"I enjoy the benefits a larger company offers while still retaining the ability to practice medicine the way I think is best for my patients. CityVet promotes a positive work environment that encourages me to build relationships with my clients personally, not just with the company. Facilities are state of the art and allow me to practice quality medicine. CityVet has the perfect blend of quality care in state-of-the-art facilities with excellent work/life balance."

Dr. Meladee Farr

"Working with CityVet for over 12 years has given me the opportunity to start my career as a new grad with great support, mentorship, and invaluable experience and then develop into a mature associate. As a trusted associate I was then given the reins on spreading my wings into management and now ownership. After 5 years of ownership, it has been an amazing journey for personal and financial growth and I would do it over again. In fact, I am! I never expected coming out of vet school I’d want to be an owner/partner but have found my stride leading and starting my own practice and branching out to now own two locations."

Dr. Kurtis Tubby

"When I moved from Los Angeles, I wasn’t exactly looking to leave VCA, but I was open to the idea. I had been with them since graduating from vet school.  

Moving to Dallas, I was first attracted to CityVet because of the business model and the potential for ownership with the company. I knew ownership would be the next step in my career and CityVet has the best model for that.

I liked the clinics - state of the art with all the gadgets, loft style in aesthetics. Branding for me personally was spot on (good looking practices provide good quality medicine in my opinion). 

Competitive salary and benefits package."

Dr. Doug Tucker

"I’ve practiced corporate and private. I joined CityVet to have ownership, but with help on the business side. I was sold on the concept of multiples that would significantly increase the value of my share in the business. If I do my part creating a good practice and CityVet does their part creating a good company, we all win. I liked the moral compass of the company. CityVet has an excellent track record of opening successful, profitable practices. I am now a Partner in my own thriving CityVet practice!"

Dr. Marla Beach

"I love working for CityVet. It’s the perfect balance of management and freedom. It allows me the security I need to take care of my clients and patients while also giving me the security of backing that is sometimes necessary."

Dr. Lauren Foley

"I first met CityVet in vet school. I was struck by how personalized their recruiting experience was and how they prioritized placing new hires at locations where they would be most successful. They focused on what I was looking for in a first-time clinic and they recommended locations with veterinarians that best meet my needs. This is unique in the recruiting process. 

I was placed at a fast-paced clinic with excellent mentorship and a cohesive family and team culture. Building my career at CityVet has been more than I dreamed for. I love that CityVet is run by DVMs and when I am ready, I can explore expanded opportunities up to and including practice ownership. 

At CityVet, we have a heart not just for pets but also for the people who bring them to us. I enjoy playing a role in promoting the human-animal bond every day."