Creating a
Paws-itive Culture

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Our Mission

We believe that pets make the world a better place.

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to furry friends, pet parents, and our kind team members to enable more families to enjoy happy, healthy pets.

Our Values

We have built our culture around these five core values. They are unique, but so is our company.

We Are Family

We Are Family

We treat our clients and team members as if they were members of our own family and their pets as if they were our own. CityVet visits are not just transactions – they are authentic, friendly and caring interactions. Team members don’t just come to work, they come to a place where they are valued, supported and cherished.

Freedom Through Trust

Freedom Through Trust

We are committed to providing our people with the skills and confidence to take meaningful action for our clients, and the pets we serve.

Always Pick Up the Poop

Always Pick Up the Poop

Do what needs to be done and what is right in a genuine way. Alone or in public, we have the same commitment to getting the job done joyfully.

Yes, We Can

Yes, We Can

We take a solutions-minded approach to client and patient needs. We are helpful, resourceful and offer solutions to any issues and concerns we are presented with, big or small.

Just Wag

Just Wag

We see the world the way a happy dog sees the world, and Just Wag.

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Why CityVet

CityVet prides itself on its culture and core values because we actually walk the walk when it comes to them. We’re here to serve our patients, clients, and our exceptional team members that make providing first class veterinary care possible.

Why We Love CityVet

CityVet Stories

At CityVet, we have an extraordinary group of individuals that share our passion for treating pets and finding joy in everything that we do. Take a look at what some of these incredible individuals have to say about their experiences.

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If you love working with both people and pets, interested in embracing our “just wag” culture, and want to work with some of the industry’s most talented people, please explore our current job opportunities.


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We are honored to be recognized by so many sources for our incredible service to our clients, the amazing people we have leading our organization, and for being one of the fastest-growing companies.
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