Q & A with Angela Riley, Regional Operations Manager

Meet Angela Riley, who started her career at CityVet more than 17 years ago. 

With more than 17 years as a CityVet team member, Angela has had many different roles within the organization and a track record that shows she’s always willing to jump in wherever needed. With her most recent promotion, she now serves as the Regional Operations Manager. Angela joined CityVet as a Client Service Specialist when Dr. Murphy and Dr. Tate opened the Uptown location in 2004. “We knew we wanted to have Angela as part of our Uptown launch team. She’s passionate about both people and animals alike and has the expertise, knowledge that helped lead Uptown to where it is today,” said Dr. Murphy, Uptown Lead Veterinarian, Managing Partner.

Angela quickly transitioned into the Uptown Practice Manager in 2005. After honing her practice manager still for more than seven years with CityVet-Uptown Angela moved into the trainer role within the Home Office team. A year later, when her skills were needed again at the Uptown location, she was happy to jump back into the role of Practice Manager—living the CityVet core value of “Yes, We can!” In 2016 Angela was promoted to the role of Field Trainer as part of the Operations Management Team. “Angela is an integral part of the operations team. She has the company history to refer to but is always looking for innovative ways to solve problems for clients, team members, and the pets we all love,” said Sean Thompson, VP of Operations. 

Q: What keeps you at CityVet?

I believe in the CityVet vision: I am surrounded by people working together towards the common goal of helping both clients and team members to take better care of pets. Even when I go home exhausted, I’m going home fulfilled. 

Q: Summarize your career journey at CityVet in one word. 

Growth. I’ve seen myself grow, I’ve seen the team grow, I’ve seen CityVet grow. 

Q: What CityVet Core Value means the most to you? 

We are family. We genuinely care about each other. 

Or, Yes, we can. I love to find solutions and ways to meet or exceed the expectations of the people we impact, clients and team members alike.