Boarding and Grooming Demystified: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing where to board and groom your pet can be a big decision and even an emotional one. Our pets are an integral part of our daily lives, so you want to know that your pet is in caring hands while you’re away.

But there is a difference between what pets actually want (such as a consistent routine and a place they feel safe) and what humans think their pets want (like a luxury hotel suite).

CityVet is your trusted expert in complete pet care, and we know what makes pets feel safe, happy and well cared for when it comes to boarding and grooming.

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding
If you’ve boarded your dog or cat in the past, you’ve likely seen the luxurious “pet hotels” that advertise spacious suites decked out with artwork, chandeliers, and televisions. But the reality is that cats and dogs are den dwellers by nature. A big empty space actually makes most animals feel unsafe, and they certainly don’t care about wall art!

Our goal in offering boarding services is to provide you with a practical alternative to a house or pet sitter, and provide your pet with what they really want and need – to feel secure, comfortable, and well cared for in your absence.

1. Care Based on What Pets Really Want
Every overnight guest receives our home-away-from-home attention. We know that boarding is never the same as being at home, but we want to make every pet feel comfortable and safe.

CityVet offers den-sized Studio accommodations, which are ideal for pets that prefer more privacy and security. Your pet will feel cozy and protected, while still having ample room to move around. We also offer roomier Lofts, which are designed for our more energetic and social dogs who need less privacy to feel comfortable.

All guest care includes two healthy meals a day, fresh water at all times, a clean and sanitized throw for bedding comfort, and an abundance of pats and hugs! Your pet will receive multiple walks during the day and lots of one-on-one attention by our caring team members. We treat your pet like one of our own.

This care extends to cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, exotic animals, and pets with any medical condition requiring extra attention.

2. Food, Medications & Property
It’s best if your pet does not change food while you are away, so please bring your pet’s food with them when you come to board. Please also bring any medications in a well-marked container – enough for the entire stay.

We place a heavy emphasis on hygiene and sanitation and therefore require that all items left with pets be laundered daily. Personal items such as bedding and toys don’t always hold up well in the laundry, so please bring them at home. Rest assured that your pet will have soft, clean, freshly laundered bedding each day.

3. Veterinarians Close By
One unique benefit of boarding your pets with CityVet is that all overnight and day-care services are overseen by our veterinarians. Who better to care for your dog or cat if they become stressed or sick than a trained team of vets?

If your pet experiences an illness while you’re away, it will be promptly and competently addressed by our clinicians – not always a guarantee at traditional boarding facilities.

4. Warranty
To further enhance the trust and value of our services to our clients, we include a warranty policy as part of your pet’s boarding care, at no additional cost.

This warranty extends to boarding & DayPlay, and covers up to $500 for veterinary services in the case of illness or injury during your pets stay. Examples of what is covered by the warranty includes injury during boarding or DayPlay, kennel cough, vomiting, or rash. Illness in pets due to pre-existing medical conditions is not covered.

Everything You Need to Know About Bathing & Grooming
A clean pet is a healthy and happy pet! Bathing and grooming are important components of complete pet care, so we offer services to provide you with a convenient and affordable one-stop option.

If your bather or groomer notices something isn’t right with your pet or if they aren’t current on their immunizations, no worries! We can take care of everything on-site same day and save you an extra trip. We offer the following services for dogs and cats:

  • Bath Basic: Shampoo, blow-dry and quick brush out. A great value for high frequency!
  • Bath Works: Basic Bath plus a nail trim, anal gland expression (if needed) and ear cleaning.
  • Grooming: Bath Works followed by a haircut and style to your specifications; from simple trims to show-cuts.

Although choosing a boarder or groomer can be a tough decision, CityVet makes it easy by offering a one-stop-shop for all your complete pet care needs.

Your vet knows what your dog or cat needs to feel happy and healthy, and can ensure your pet feels well cared for while you’re away. You can always contact us with any questions or concerns you have before you schedule your first visit!