Community Referral Program

CityVet’s Community Referral Program will offer up to $10,000 for a hired employee that was referred by an outside connection to CityVet.

We have established this program to help promote diversity, inclusion, and better access to opportunities for anyone excited to join a team devoted to growing their career in a culture focused on people and their pets. CityVet is looking for talent that comes highly recommended by their peers. At CityVet, we focus on building our team members into the leaders they wish to be. Pass along your contact’s name and information and give us the opportunity to help them further their career ambitions!

CityVet’s Community Referral Program Pays Per HIRED Connection:

  • $10,000 for Lead Veterinarians/Partners
  • $5,000 for Associate Veterinarians
  • $500 for Technicians

Referral must be completed through our HireBridge referral platform with all required information completed. The referral must be hired at full-time status within 6 months of the referral and maintain employment with CityVet for 90 days and is in good performance standing to meet referral qualifications. *excludes DVM Student externship referrals – DVM student referrals are valid for 1 year*

Referrer Must:

  1. Not be connected to a recruiting/staffing firm
  2. Not refer yourself
  3. Be familiar with the candidate, personally or professionally
  4. Be 18+ years of age and have a legal right to work in the United States to participate in the program


Candidate Being Referred Must: 

  1. Not have been previously employed by CityVet
  2. Be a newly recruited candidate and not a connection in our previous pipeline for the last 12 months (you will be notified if this is a duplicate candidate) 
  3. Know they are being referred – will be required to acknowledge they were referred by you

How to Submit a Referral: 

Refer your connection by submitting the required information into our database by creating your referral account – HERE.  Please note, your candidate must be referred for the position before they complete the application for the position you are referring them for.  

Payment Terms: 

To receive payment for your referral from CityVet, you must complete a W-9 and any other documentation required by CityVet. A check will be mailed to the address listed on your W-9 approximately 30 days after your referral completes their first 90 days with CityVet.  

Please note, all referring connections that receive payment from CityVet will also receive a 1099 for the year their payment was received. Payments will be made by check from CityVet and in accordance with CityVet guidelines.  

In the case of multiple connections referring the same candidate, the individual who submits the candidate’s information into the database first will be paid out for making the referral.