Dr. Katie Colquitt

CityVet – Phillips Creek

Lead Veterinarian, Managing Partner


Texas A&M University: BS Biomedical Science; Lamar Univeristy: MS Biology; Louisiana State University: DVM

Dr. Colquitt takes pride in creating a calm and inviting atmosphere while also providing complete veterinary care that is in the best interest of both the pet and the client. She has a vast array of special interests, including surgery, dermatology, behavior, and pediatric medicine.

What’s your favorite thing about CityVet? CityVet offers a unique opportunity to fulfill a veterinarian’s dream of owning a veterinary hospital while also providing assistance with the business side that most veterinarians are not comfortable with. I am able to have ownership while also still focusing on what I love, veterinary medicine, which allows me to provide overall higher quality medicine for my patients.
Dr. Katie Colquitt
Dr. Katie Colquitt
Dr. Katie Colquitt
Dr. Katie Colquitt

Facts About Me

In 2021, I fostered a severe burn victim with a local rescue group. For almost a year, I performed full body bandage changes at home while he recovered.

Pets' names:

I have a 6-year-old Bull Terrier named Mardi and a cat named Sriracha.


Lumberton, Texas

Bucket List:

I would love to explore Europe (specifically Italy, Greece, and historical places), visit Australia and Africa to see exotic animals in their natural habitat, and cage dive with sharks!


Member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)