We are looking to build long-term relationships and careers with like-minded, progressive, skilled, and compassionate small animal veterinarians. Our veterinarians are our leaders. We want to lead with a focus on quality medical care, client education, effective communication, and team development.

CityVet promotes a positive work environment that encourages me to build relationships with my clients personally, not just with the company. Facilities are state of the art and allow me to practice quality medicine.

Dr. Austin Neely

DVM Career Paths

New      Graduate

Focus on your transition from student to expert with a team coached to guide YOU in acquiring good industry practice standards that help build your confidence and a happy work and home life balance.

Associate Veterinarian

Hone your clinical skills while being mentored and developed in the areas of professional competency in which you have a passion to grow.

Lead Veterinarian

Expand your skills beyond the exam room and help grow the next generation of Veterinarians while learning the entrepreneurial and leadership side of Veterinary Medicine at your  own pace.

Partner/Owner Veterinarian 

Invest in the future growth of your personal financial gains and maintain your clinic(s) success with the support of our experienced home office team – don’t do ownership alone!

DVM Career Postings

New Grad DVM
At CityVet – Our Purpose is Pets, Our Passion is People New Grad DVM Happy people. Healthy pets. At CityVet,…
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Associate DVM
Practice where we put our people first. ASSOCIATE VETERINARIAN (DVM) Happy people. Healthy pets. At CityVet, we believe healthy pets…
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Ready to grow as a leader?

CityVet Leadership Academy is a great place to start. Our exclusive development program doesn’t just focus on the medical side of the business but allows candidates to sharpen their leadership skills so that they can not only keep pets healthy but also make customers and staff happy.