Fulfilling A Dream: From CityVet Associate to Proud Business Owner

featuring Dr. Katie Colquitt
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Are you a young veterinarian with big dreams of owning your own practice someday? Dr. Katie Colquitt, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) who recently took the leap from working at the CityVet Prosper location to owning her own CityVet clinic in Frisco, took that very leap of faith. With the help of CityVet’s home office and expertise, Dr. Colquitt delves into the reasons she chose to join CityVet, and the benefits of being a CityVet partner.

Fulfilling A Dream: From CityVet Associate to Proud Business Owner

Dr. Colquitt’s journey to owning her own veterinary clinic began with a desire to learn from experienced professionals and build a successful practice. She recognized that veterinary school doesn’t provide comprehensive education about running a business, and she wanted to bridge that gap. Here’s what CityVet’s team was able to provide her to help her open her own practice.

Fulfilling A Dream: From CityVet Associate to Proud Business Owner
  • Hands-on Mentorship: Dr. Colquitt started her career by working alongside a seasoned veterinarian. This mentorship allowed her to understand both the successes and mistakes that come with practice ownership.
  • The Appeal of CityVet: CityVet stood out to Dr. Colquitt due to its team mentality and home office’s willingness to provide assistance and support was a significant draw.
  • Building from Scratch: Dr. Colquitt aspired to start her own practice from the ground up. While this was financially challenging, CityVet offered the necessary support to turn her dream into reality.
  • Continuing Education (CE): CityVet’s commitment to CE is exceptional. All DVMs receive a stipend for licensing and continuing education, which is not common in the industry. This support helps DVMs like Dr. Colquitt stay updated in their field.

“CityVet’s home office support was probably the biggest draw for me to say yes to opening my own practice,” explains Dr. Colquitt. “The programming, mentorship, and support they provide gives me the freedom to practice all while knowing the basics of operating a business are in good hands with their team.”

Advice for Young DVMs

Dr. Colquitt’s advice for young veterinarians is simple but powerful: “You put in the work now so you don’t have to later.” She believes that by working hard during the early years of your career, it will pave the way for future success. CityVet’s support makes this journey less intimidating.

Mentorship at CityVet

CityVet provides multiple avenues for mentorship, including monthly Zoom meetings with other DVMs and quarterly face-to-face meetings. “These meetings are essential for me to bounce ideas off of other practice owners in our network and consistently learn from what is working and not working for businesses,” further explains Dr. Colquitt.

In conclusion, Dr. Katie Colquitt’s journey from an associate at CityVet to a proud business owner in Frisco is a testament to the opportunities and support available with CityVet. If you’re a young vet with dreams of practice ownership, CityVet might just be the partner you’ve been looking for to turn your dreams into reality.