Our Exciting Partnership with Ready, Vet, Go: Empowering New Veterinarians

At CityVet, our commitment to supporting the next generation of veterinary professionals has led us to partner with Ready, Vet, Go, a transformative mentorship program designed for new and early-career veterinarians.

Dr. Colquitt’s journey to owning her own veterinary clinic began with a desire to learn from experienced professionals and build a successful practice. She recognized that veterinary school doesn’t provide comprehensive education about running a business, and she wanted to bridge that gap. Here’s what CityVet’s team was able to provide her to help her open her own practice.

A Shared Commitment to Professional Growth
Our collaboration with Ready, Vet, Go is all about fostering growth and resilience within our profession. We share a common goal of providing unparalleled support for early career veterinarians, recognizing the challenges we face from time-management to client communication. 

Ready, Vet, Go is dedicated to creating collaborative and enduring relationships within the veterinary community, offering a structured seven-month mentorship program to equip participants with the skills and confidence needed to navigate their early years in practice.

Integrated Mentorship for CityVet’s New Veterinarians
We’ve integrated Ready, Vet, Go’s mentorship program into our onboarding process. This means that every new veterinarian joining our CityVet family will have the opportunity to participate. It’s an additional layer of support that complements the already robust mentorship framework within our organization. “Our partnership with Ready, Vet, Go underscores CityVet’s commitment to supporting the next generation of veterinary professionals,” says Dr. Dennis Horter, our Chief Operating Officer. “Mentorship fosters growth, community, and ultimately elevates the standard of care for the patients we serve.”

What Ready, Vet, Go Offers

Ready, Vet, Go offers a comprehensive approach to mentorship, blending live meetings and self-paced online learning. Their panel of mentors, each with over a decade of clinical and leadership experience, guides us through both clinical and business aspects of veterinary medicine. Dr. Christine Deeke, our Lead Veterinarian at CityVet – Frisco, shares her thoughts: “Ready, Vet, Go equips new grads with the tools needed for success. Their modules are informative, engaging, and tailored to address the real-world challenges veterinarians encounter daily.” 

Upcoming Event: ER Stabilization for Early Career GPs

We’re excited to announce an upcoming event in collaboration with Ready, Vet, Go. On May 6, 2024, at 07:00 PM CT, join us for a dynamic panel discussion titled “ER Stabilization for Early Career GPs.” This webinar aims to equip general practitioners with practical insights and strategies for assessing and stabilizing small animal emergency cases. Register through the event link: Register Here


Our partnership with Ready, Vet, Go exemplifies our commitment to excellence in pet care and professional development. By investing in mentorship and support for new veterinarians, we continue to elevate the standard of care for our beloved animal companions. Visit www.cityvet.com to learn more about our partnership with Ready, Vet, Go.

Join Us on This Journey

We’re excited to have Michael on board as we embark on this journey of growth and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to strive for excellence in pet care.

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