Providing Quality Experience for the Future of Veterinary Medicine

CityVet’s externship program is designed to help future DVMs experience first hand experience in clinical skills in knowledge outside the classroom. The program consists of customizable programs of 2 weeks where our experienced staff can provide coaching, guidance, and support in an one-on-one setting.

We caught up with a few of our recent externs, Amanda and Samantha, about their experience and how the program has impacted their careers.

What made you choose CityVet for your externship?

Amanda: CityVet was not initially on my radar for an externship program, but after a few other externship experiences and meeting and getting to know a CityVet DVM, I quickly changed my mind. CityVet’s mentorship program was unlike any other I had seen in previous experiences, and the support and approach towards my career goals is what made me choose CityVet.

Samantha: I am hoping to specialize after graduation and CityVet’s facilities are the most advanced and top-notch in terms of technology and gadgets available. Even though I had no experience in using some of the tools at the Uptown location, I felt confident that their highly trained DVMs would be able to guide me as I learned. The autonomy DVMs were given at location was incredible to see, knowing that I am able to specialize and practice a specific style of medicine. 

What was your favorite part of your externship?

Amanda: I actually worked as a vet tech at the CityVet location at which I externed! It was amazing to come back and see familiar faces who all were just as excited to see me progress in my career. It felt like I was coming back to a family.

Samantha: The people! It was a super welcoming and kind work environment, and everyone was excited to be there each day. I also really enjoyed the hands-on experience. I was able to do my first incision at this externship!

Is there advice you would give to others looking for an externship?

Amanda: Try to get as many externships under your belt that you can! These will help to hone in on what kind of practice you hope to work for after graduation and which route you want to go with your career.

Samantha: Nothing beats in-person experience. Actually experiencing the visits, giving care to animals and being able to help people.

What’s Next?

Amanda: I am actually coming back to CityVet after graduation! I accepted an offer to join full-time once I graduate!

Samantha: Back to school for now! I have some more time before graduation, so I am going to capture any experiences I can take! 

Interested in applying for an externship? CityVet has over 35+ locations and a flexible schedule to tailor the program. To learn more, please visit our Externship Programs page.