Ruffit by CityVet

Bathing and Grooming

Let your mutt strut their stuff with style.

Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed is an important part of complete pet care so we offer these services to provide you with a convenient and affordable one-stop option. We offer full bathing and grooming services for cats and dogs at most of our CityVet locations and all of our Ruffit locations.

*Only available at participating CityVet locations.

Your pet can come for a spa day with a haircut and style, or just for a basic bath or nail trim. Regular grooming can also have many additional health benefits for your pet besides the usual “beauty parlor” look and smell!

If your bather or groomer notices something isn’t right with your pet or if they aren’t current on their immunizations, no worries, we can take care of everything on-site same day and save you an extra trip and the hassle.