Should You Board Your Pet with Your Vet?

Whether you are traveling for work, the holiday season, or an exotic vacation, leaving your furry family member behind can be a stressful and emotional decision.

You want your pet to be in the best possible hands when you go out of town, but which boarding or sitting option is the right choice? Traditional petcare options include:

  • Pet sitting in your own home; typically, this involves paying a sitter to stay at your home or drop by at pre-scheduled times to feed your pet and let them outside.
  • Pet boarding, which may take place at a standard boarding facility, someone else’s house, or a veterinary office.

Many pet owners believe that their dog or cat will be most comfortable if they’re able to stay in their own home, but this can be problematic if the sitter only stops by a few times per day. Your pet may become lonely or bored, prompting them to engage in destructive behaviors.

Dog boarding apps have become popular in recent years; however, these apps raise several safety concerns. Most of these boarders are not trained animal professionals, and pet parents may feel uneasy leaving their fluffy family member at the home of a complete stranger.

Leaving your pet with a standard boarder is another option, but the quality of care provided in these facilities can vary greatly. Additionally, many boarders and pet hotels rely on gimmicks like “luxury suites” and cutesy decor – features that end up costing you more, but that your pet won’t even notice or care about. So, what is a loving pet owner to do?

Why Veterinary Boarding is the Best Option for Your Pet
Finding a reliable vet with boarding services is a smart idea, as you’ll have a single go-to expert to take care of all your pet’s many needs. Over time, your veterinarian will develop trust with both you and your pet. Who better to care for your beloved pup or kitty in your absence than someone with whom you already have an established relationship?

Truthfully, your pet only has a few basic needs when it comes to feeling safe, happy and comfortable each day: a cozy place to sleep, a quiet and calm environment, plenty of food and fresh water, daily exercise, and loving one-on-one attention.

Boarding your dog or cat with your vet will tick all of these boxes, with the added bonus of knowing they are in expert hands if they become sick or stressed. After all, no one is better prepared to handle a pet health emergency than a trained team of veterinarians.

When you board your pet with CityVet, you can trust that they will have plenty of space to play and roam each day, along with endless hugs and pats from our team. The cozy sleeping quarters will appeal to their natural den-dweller instincts, making them feel secure and comfortable even in your absence.

There’s no need for your pet to “ruff it” while you’re gone – find a vet with boarding services near you, and rest easy knowing that they’re in reliable hands while you’re away.