Vet Care

Whether minor or major, when your pet gets sick or needs evaluation, we are well equipped to help. Our knowledgeable and skilled veterinary staff and state-of-the art facilities allow us to deal with the majority of pet medical and surgical conditions, including hospitalization when necessary.

And we have an extensive referral network to help connect you with the best spets (board-certified veterinary spet) available when that is the option needed for you and your pet.

Medical, Surgical, Dental & Ancillary Services

CityVet’s Veterinarians are top-of-class practitioners commissioned to deliver the highest quality medical care with compassion and affordability and to treat you as you would want to be treated, and your pets as they would their own. Each of our Veterinarians became veterinarians to help animals in need and help sick animals get well, and they are highly skilled at doing so.

Wellness & Preventative Care

Helping you provide a long and happy life for your pet is our goal.

Studies show that good preventive care is the key to disease prevention and early detection of potential problems. Committing to good wellness care will help us keep your pet’s tail wagging a long time.


Our fully stocked In-house and online pharmacies are part of our commitment to make good pet care easier and more hassle free for you.

You Work Hard while they PLAY HARD