What To Do If You Lose Your Pet

It is every pet owner’s nightmare. Regardless of the situation, a missing pet is stressful and can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. Here are a few tips that can help find your pet:

  • Start your search as soon as your animal is missing. The sooner you start, the better the chances are that your pet will be found.
  • Immediately place a large piece of your clothing, bedding outside where they can smell the scent.
  • Search nearby for any areas where your pet may have become trapped- garages, basements, drainage areas, etc.
    • Search during the day AND at night as some pets, especially cats, may hide during the day
    • Bring canned food and/or treats to entice your pet to come when called
  • Spread the word! – Notify your neighbors, area¬†veterinary clinics, pet supply stores and other area businesses that your pet is missing.
    • Use neighborhood social media pages to quickly reach a large group of people
    • Post “Lost Pet” signs around the neighborhood and in local businesses- offering a reward may increase the chance of having your pet returned, include a picture and description of your pet and your contact information
  • Call AND visit local shelters and animal control facilities every day to check for your pet. Many shelters are very busy and it may take time for them to process found pets. Visiting may increase the chance of finding your pet sooner.
  • Pets who are microchipped and/or wearing ID tags have a much greater chance of returning home.
  • If someone posts a sign that they have found your pet, be prepared to claim them by having a photo of you with your pet. Always have a current photo of your pet on your phone for this reason. We often have many photos of our pets, but few with the owner. This could be the only confirmation that you are their owner on a weekend or late at night.