Ami Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer


Ami Anderson joined CityVet in February of 2023 as their Chief Marketing Officer. The positive work culture and dedication to helping pets and people live their best lives is what drew her to CityVet. Prior to joining CityVet, Ami was the head of marketing in several healthcare industries including dental, home health, hospice, and hospitals.

Ami started her career working in consumer-packaged goods including 20 years at General Mills where she marketed several beloved brands including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Pop Secret popcorn. She was also a guest lecturer for 16 years at the Wharton Business School where we received her MBA in Marketing.

Ami loves walking her rescue dog, Bella, who was her faithful training partner as she trained to hike to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp. She lives in Southlake with her husband Scott and their two teenaged kids.

Ami Anderson, CityVet Chief Marketing Officer