Kim Burak

Chief People Officer

Kim Burak has served as Chief People Officer for CityVet since June of 2019.  Prior to this role, she enjoyed over 25 years in various HR and OD leadership roles- largely in the hospitality industry. While she loves all aspects of her job, her passions lie in building positive work cultures and developing successful strategies to attract, support, and grow talent.  “What I try to bring to all of my roles is an attitude of service and a strong desire to lift up the leaders and teams of people I am charged with serving from an HR perspective.  What I learned and came to respect so deeply in my many years in hospitality is that it is about more than your knowledge or being competent in the technical aspects of your job; it is about promoting genuine helpfulness in your team in the pursuit of fulfilling the organization’s central mission to support success in the field through its people. I am excited and grateful to work for a company that takes that responsibility very seriously.”  Kim is also excited to put all of her acquisition and transition experience to work in helping CityVet grow.  

Kim is living her dream in Uptown Dallas with her husband, Dave and faithful old pup, Zoe while their two adult children attend college in pursuit of their chosen careers.