J.R. Mayer

Chief Technology Officer

J.R. has 20+ years of leadership and management of technology initiatives including systems and database topology, architecture and security. He has worked on many enterprise level software development projects and upgrades including complex e-commerce and credit card processing applications and deployments. In addition to a deep knowledge of technology implementation and development, he has also managed teams of I.T. professionals responsible for completing large-scale hardware and application rollouts. J.R. is responsible for oversight of the technology infrastructure, practice management and client relations systems as well as automated reporting of financial and business analytics as well as outfitting the I.T. footprint for M&A and new clinic development.

J.R. and his wife Natalie, with their five children, are living their beloved ranch life with more than a dozen animals including goats, donkeys, mules, horses and a longhorn steer! They also have several cats and great pyrenees dogs.